Since this is my first blogpost I thought I would just start with saying hello and introducing myself. You can find some short information about me to the right in ”About Me” but I will do it a little bit more detailed and at length here.

My name is Hanna and I am from Sweden. However I chose to write this blog in english since I have both friends and family of different nationalities and since it is simply good practise. Maybe some posts will be in swedish but I will try to stick to english.

I am 25 years old and a student at both Uppsala and Göteborg University in Sweden where I study Earthscience. It is the best and most interesting and exciting subject in the world! It is never boring and it is always important. I love it! And I also love being a student. Well, sometimes I hate it but most of the time I love it! The perfect combination of always learning new things and being able to decide how to divide and spend your time yourself while having great friends around is awesome.

Before I began my studies I lived and worked a few years in Norway which was a great experience and it gave me new friends and family which I will cherish for life. I went there just a week after graduating highschool and I had only planned to stay for the summer and then start studying again. But it happened to me as it happens to so many others when they go to Norway. You get stuck there. If not forever then at least for a much longer time than you had intended from the beginning. I don’t regret one moment of it.

However tomorrow I will begin a new life, as I am moving to Tokyo. A completely new chapter in my book. Finally! I have been waiting for this for so long. Japan has been my dream for more than 15 years. Now it is my turn to live my dream and I can’t wait to begin. I will continue my studies there, at Tokyo University, also called Todai. This is the highest ranked university in Japan and of the best in Asia so I am both very proud of myself and excited about this chance and opportunity. I will have the time of my life and it will with no doubts be my greatest adventure so far!
I will write more about this later.

I am a happy girl, very passionate about life.  I love to explore new places and to be active. Reading, writing and food (cooking and eating) are some of my biggest interests and of course everything that has anything to do with Japan. What could be better than reading a great manga or watching an awesome anime?

If you stick around to read my blog you will get to know me a lot better.

Hope to see you here again!


Hello, this is me


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