Konnichiwa Tokyo

Ladies and Gentlemen….

I am happy to announce that I am here!
I am in Japan! I am home. I am exactly where I should be.

And so it begins….

It was a long flight but everything went well and smooth all the way from take off to landing. I spent most of my time reading and watching movies , the usual. I tried to sleep but failed. However I got at least two hours of just resting. Better than nothing. Now as I am writing this at about 11 pm in the evening here I am exhausted. I will fall asleep in ten seconds when I go to bed. Feels good. But first I want to give a quick update on my first day in this amazing city.

We landed at Narita airport at 10 sharp this morning, which is the same as 3 am in Sweden and in my body. It was 22 degrees outside and cloudy but still very pleasant. I went through the passport control without any problems and got my japanese Residence Card (which officially makes me a real citizen here now!!) and then went to get my bags and pass the ”nothing to declare” counter before I finally was out. Then I bought a train ticket to Shibuya station and from there went two more stops to my final destination Komaba. From there I walked to the International Office of my accommodation and registered and got the keys to my room and a tour around the area and buildings.

My room is supersmall with an even smaller bathroom but believe it or not, I have my own small balcony as well as a bathtub even if it really is…. tiny, to say the least. It’s perfect! It’s very simple but clean and will do great for me. I even made two new friends today and to be my first day I’d say that’s pretty good. Their names are Vincent and Nathalie and they are both from France. We spent the afternoon together in Shibuya shopping for necessities like cover and pillows, trash bins, hangers to our closets, shower curtains and all that kind of stuff which was not provided in the room. For those of you who don’t know Shibuya is one om the most trafficated stations in Tokyo and there are always a looot of people! And yet it feels a lot calmer than walking around in Nordstan i Göteborg.. Weird.. How is that possible? Anyway, we did our thing, went to have a simple fried rice dinner and then back home again.

Everywhere I went today, from the moment I put my feet in this country, people have greeted me with happy smiles and asked in english how I am doing today, they have helped me and guided me in the kindest and happiest way possible. I have been smiling all day. No where is like Japan. People are happy, helpful, kind and curious in a pleasant way. They make jokes and laugh and even if you don’t know them they feel like friends.. It’s kind of unique and wonderful.

That will be all for today I think. Now it is time to sleep. Tomorrow we will go look for a bigger supermarket and do some food shopping. I will also show some pictures from my room.

Good night from Tokyo!

A Hanna with more energy and a Hanna with less energy after some hours of flying.. But at least I had a lof space to stretch!

Just landed, tired and excited to go into the city and look for my new home.

A little bit of train and a little bit of Shibuya

And some food of course!

6 reaktioner till “Konnichiwa Tokyo”

  1. Hur mkt började man inte sakna dig när man läser allt detta??!!! 😭 you go girl! Du är grym å bäst som pallar allt det här!!! Vem vet, en vacker dag kanske jag står på din dörrmatta där borta!! Massa kramar 💕💖💕


  2. Åh, min underbara Rebecca, om du bara visste hur mycket jag saknar dig också! ❤ Tack för ditt stöd! 😀
    Jag hur fantastiskt vore det inte om du kom hit liksom, jag bara väntar! 😀 ❤
    Kramar ❤ ❤



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