Meguro City Hall and Shimokitazawa


Today med and my three french friends (another one joined the team) went to Meguro to register our addresses in the City Hall and to fix a Japanese health insurance. We decided to walk there and even though it was raining it was really nice and the air felt somewhat fresh and clean, at least to be in the biggest city in the world. We walked for about 40 minutes and now I definitely feel like I know my way around a little better, which is a comfort.

The City Hall building was not very beautiful.. We agreed that it looked more like a prison. But inside it was okay. A mega huge office!

We spent a few hours in the Meguro area and visited a Nitori store which basically have a little bit of everything that you could possibly need for your home. Since we need to have our own kitchen gear I had to buy more things than I expected (I really thought it would be included since we have a shared kitchen) but we decided to share as many things as possible between us. Since none of are staying more than a year it would be a waste if everyone got everything and then had to throw it away. I will try to keep as much of a sustainable lifestyle as I can.

We also stayed in Meguro to have a late lunch around half past two. Or it was actually breakfast because non of us had the time to go shopping for food yesterday so we didn’t have anything else than water to our disposal this morning before we went out. Speaking of water, we can actually drink it directly from the tap here! When I was here with mom last year we always bought it so I didn’t know that. It is not as good as it is back home in Sweden but still a pleasant surprise and it isn’t too bad.
Anyway, we were all half-starved to death by the time we were finally served. I had an udon soup with fried tofu which was really good and easy for my body to digest. I think it’s hard to eat the first few days when you are jet lagged and have to get your body used to a new rhythm for food and sleep. So it was perfect. I am slowly getting there.

My udon fried tofu soup with cold tea

And some huge bottles of something unknown…

After our shopping and lunch we walked back to ohappy!ur lodge and rested for a while before we went back out again, this time to an area a little bit closer, called Shimokitazawa. There we visited Daiso, the 100 yen store (everything that doesn’t have a price tag only costs a 100 yen (approximately 7 swedish kr) and that is most of the stuff) and bought some more supplies for the kitchen and bathroom and then we finally went to the supermarket and got our selves some food for a few days ahead. Now I am happy! I really like to walk around in food stores when you are abroad because the supply is often so very different from home and it is so interesting to see what they offer. Some of the japanese groceries look fantastic while others seem to be… absolutely disgusting to tell the truth. But it is still fun to look around! Unfortunately I didn’t make any pictures from the supermarket today but I will definitely do it another time.

I know I said I would show some pictures of my room today but I just finished unpacking all my things and organizing everything and it is late and dark outside here so I will take better photos tomorrow. Then I will also show some pictures from my lodge.

Here are instead some random pics from todays walks. Just look at the thin house in the traffic picture!


At Nitori the Halloween sale is on full go and here it seems it is normal to put Halloween ornaments in the Christmas tree.. I don’t know what to think or say about that…


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