Welcome to my humble home

Hello dear people!

Today I will give you a tour of my room and the International Lodge of Komaba.
But first I want to show you where I live on the map and tell you a little bit about the area. Komaba is located on the outskirts of the most central parts of Tokyo and is located within walking distance to Shibya and Harajuku, just to mention a few famous places. So it is absolutely perfect! Actually it couldn’t be any better since I believe these are among the paces I will hang out most at. From my lodge it’s no more than 5 minutes walk to the train station if you don’t feel like using your legs and what I have seen from the area so far it is quite calm. The international lodge is located on Komaba campus area which is one of the main campuses of Tokyo University. That means I will have about a 5 minutes walk to school if I take my courses here in Komaba. So convenient! I couldn’t be happier and more thankful about my accomodation. It’s great! Of course I also have very easy access to the rest of the city. I’m thinking about buying a bike though and only take the train when necessary.

This is where I live. Shinjuku, which is one of the most trafficated train stations in the world, is not far away either.

Now that you have seen my location let’s move on to my dorm. Komaba international lodge is big! Only in the main buildning (where I live) I think there are a cuople of hundred students devided over 6 floors. I’m on the 1st floor. I would prefer to have a room a little bit higher up in the house but I can’t complain. I will have quicker access to the exit if an earthquake would strike so I guess I’m actually lucky.

My room is super small. I think it’s 15 or 16 sqm only and that includes the bathroom. However I do have a my own little balcony and a bathtub (the smallest one I have ever seen but still a bathtub!)! A bed, desk, chair and wardrobe was provided and I don’t see the need of anything else so I don’t mind the small space. It’s only me anyway and it’s kind of cozy. Everyone on each floor share a common room, washing room and kitchen together. Now please have a look.

Small as you can see,  but perfect for me.

Let’s move on to the common parts of the dorm.

Here is the common room, the corridor and the washing room.

The kitchen. It is nothing fancy but it is good enough so I am happpy.

Our mail boxes (there are a few of them), the entrance hall and the reception.

And here we have Komaba International Lodge from the outside. Doesn’t look so bad I must say. The only negative thing is the train track just outside the buildning on the same side as my room is located. But its okay, it could be worse.


Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Now I will go wash my dishes and then study some hiragana and katakana and after that, maybe, I will manage to go to bed early…

Vi hörs!


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