Harajuku, Yoyogi park, Gyoen and Shibya


I hope you all have a great weekend so far. I do!

Today I met up a friend from Norway who also lives in Tokyo. It was actually the first time that we met but we have been in contact with each other for the past six months and are acquainted through his aunt who was my ”landlady” during some time when I lived in Norway so he didn’t feel like a stranger at all. It actually felt like we had known each other for a long time since we had so many interests in common and share the same love and passion for Japan. Jamie and I will be great friends! It feels good to have another Scandinavian around and to be able to speak swedish with at least one person.

We met up at Harajuku station at 1 pm, just outside of Takeshita Dori Street (where you can see lots of people dressing up as Lolitas etc and so many cool shops of all sorts) and stared by taking a really nice walk in Yoyogi park just next to Harajuku. It is so big! Like a forest in the middle of the city. There is also a temple in the park which we went to see but they since they were doing restorations we didn’t go inside but still stayed in the temple area for a while. Then we kept walking in the park for a while and I must say that the trees, they are amazing! So beautiful that it’s breathtaking! I could look at them all day and ever get tired of it I think.
After a while we came to Meiji Jingu  Inner Garden, also called Gyoen, which is also a part of the park but you have to pay a small amount to enter. We did and it was really beautiful so I appreciated it very much.

The Temple in Yoyogi Park

Some beautiful trees and treetops

Meiji Jingu Inner Garden (Gyoen)

After that we went back to Harajuku to have a somewhat late lunch. Jamie knew a good place so on our way there we went through Takeshita street and looked into some cool shops, I even got him to follow me into some store full of wigs, dress up clothes, lolita shoes, weird glasses and other stuff. Happy girl! It was the same store as I went to with my mom last year and really emptied my wallet in. So happy to be back!..
We had lunch and Jamie ordered everything completely in Japanese! I’m so impressed and just a little bit (or maybe very much) jealous! He’s been here about two months so I hope I can do the same in that time. After having some food in my system again I felt really good and just enough full so we went to walk through Harajuku to a store in Shibuya called Bic Camera, which is basically a huge shop for all kinds of electronics. There he helped me to get a japanese sim card so I have a new number and can use the internet on my phone again. Now I really feel like I’m living here. That I will actually stay and not go back home in two weeks. That’s amazing! I’m going to love it here. Every second of it! This is my place. Maybe not Tokyo specifically, even if it’s awesome, but Japan. It feels like home.


Another Udon noodle soup with fried tofu for me, really tasty!

Harajuku och Takeshita Street

We found a small shrine on our way to Shibuya!

Then we went for a drink at a cafe somewhere in Shibuya and on our way there we stumbled upon another shrine, just like that. You gotta love Japan! It was a really calm and nice place with almost no people so it was a welcoming break for a few minutes.
We had our drinks and then went back to the station where we parted. He took the train back home but I decided to walk. On my way back I stopped in a store to buy some dried mango (my favourite snack) and oh God, it was sooo good! Here they taste so much. So I was chewing mango all the way home and can proudly say that I find my way around pretty well now!

The second Shrine. Bigger than the first.

It was a good day but it’s almost bed time here. First I will learn a few more hiragana signs though.

Have a lovely morning, day, evening or night wherever you are and a nice weekend!

おやすみなさい !

I have no idea what kind of instrument this is but we found this man playing just outside Harajuku station and I really liked it.


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