Sunday in Tokyo

Hello people

The weekend is coming to an end. I can’t believe that I have been in Japan and Tokyo for five days already! My time here will pass so quickly, that is for sure. If I don’t chose to stay, that is.. Who knows what will happen. I am enjoying myself now, the rest will figure itself out I think.

I woke up shortly before five this morning when the first train passed by just outside.. Oh, this is going to be tough. It’s not good to be a light sleeper.. Then it took me maybe one and a half hour ta fall asleep again and when I woke up next time it was almost 11! I have some trouble getting into the right rhythm obviously. But tonight I hope I will do better. I will sleep with ear plugs and set my alarm signal on the highest volume to make sure I will wake up. Tomorrow I have to be on time because according to the schedule we have to be at Hongo campus at 09.30 in the morning (another campus, not the one I live next to) for an academic orientation. Hongo is located in the other side of the inner city and is about 10 km away from here. So not to far but it will still take some time. They say it takes almost an hour with the train but I’m going to bike since I bought one today! That’s going to be fun and interesting. I hope we will find our way without much trouble and that it will be easy to use the roads and not too much people. I am a little bit nervous but very excited. And it will be a good exercise!


Since they do have special roads for biking there shouldn’t be any problem

Before Andrey took me to buy the bike in the afternoon I went to Shimokitazawa with Nathalie to do some shopping in the 100 Yen store Daiso and then in the regular supermarket. We bought cleaning products and things for the kitchen and some food of course. My fridge is full now of different kinds of tofu and I am so pleased! I love tofu! And they have so many different kinds. I have been a vegetarian for some years but since I am now living in Japan I have decided that I will eat some fish sometimes, however that will probably only be when I am eating out in the restaurants and not so much at home. I think it will make my life here a lot easier and that is okay. So today I had a very simple lunch with rice and beans, some kind of egg tofu which Nathalie advised me to buy (it was very good!) and some sort of vegetable beefs. Nothing fancy but easy, quick and tasty. I feel so good about the food here. It’s lighter and easier to digest and I feel so much better than I do when I eat at home.

It might not look too good but it was and it went down easy peasy.

I also bought lots of dried mango in the supermarket today! I’m afraid im going to spend more money on that than on actual food..  It tastes divine! ❤


Only three left… Where did the rest go?

I have clearly spent the evening eating a lot of this dried mango but while I’ve been doing that I have also been practising my japanese skills. About a year ago I knew all the hiragana and katakana by heart but I have forgotten some of it and now I’m doing my best to learn it again. On friday there will be a placement test on our Japanese skills so that they will know what class they are going to pu us in. So I have to know it by then. But I will! My neighbour Luke left a Katakana chart with a note under my door earlier and I was very happy when I found it and got extra motivated to learn!
When I study languages and especially the ones with signs and not letters, what I do is to write them again and again and again until they get almost impossible to forget and I repeat the sounds and words and the translations just as many times as I write them. I think it’s so much fun! If I wasn’t into science I would definitely study languages (and creative writing)!

To the left is one of my scrap papers and to the right the katana chart from Luke

Now I’m having tea and when I have finished my cup I will go and prepare for bed. Even if the actual classes doesn’t begin until the 25th of September tomorrow is a big day with a lot of happenings and events and new people so I need be at my best and well rested.


Good night from Tokyo!

おやすみなさい !



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