Good evening.
Or night actually if I stick to my local time.

It’s way to late for me to be blogging right now but still here I am..
This day felt really long. I spent a few hours practising my Japanese in mornning and middle of the day and then I went to explore the University Campus that I live next to. Since we are having an orientation day at Komaba as well tomorrow I thouht it would be good to know where to go before we start. I don’t want to be late again.. When I had learned the way I simply took a walk through the campus and around the area before I came back to the lodge again.


Japanese requires a lot of determination. Luckily I enjoy it very much!

Some pictures from my walk

Sometime during the day Andrey knocked at my door and wondered if I wanted to join him and a couple of other people from our floor to a restaurant in Shimokitazawa in the evening (Vincent have been talking about this place since the first day so I was really curious and of course I said yes) and then later Luke came and asked if he could borrow my charger. I really like how simple and familiar it feels. It’s so easy and nice. I’m going to enjoy loving here so much and I know I will have a lot of fun with my new friends. They are all great people!

Vincent had booked a table to 19.30 and before going there we went out to buy a can of beer. It was my first try of Japanese beer and it was actually kinda good. It was harmony in the flavours as Vincent so nicely expressed it, haha!


Only the can itself gets 10 points for looking so appealing… 🙂

When we came to the restaurant I was really pleasantly surprised. It was a really cool place and the food was awesome! Not very cheap but not super expensive either and definitely worth it! We sat on the floor and the atmosphere was very japanese in my opinion. Very nice!


I guess I’ll start with introducing my friends. To the left you have Paloma from France. Next to her is Andrey (you already met him yesterday) also from France and beside him we have Vincent and surprise even he is from France. However to the right we are breaking the french trend with Luke from England. Wonderful people! 😀

As you can see we had a great time together and a lot of amazing food! I even tried real saké for the first time in my life and I really liked it. It was not too strong and had quite a.. natural taste I would say. And the in the bottom right picture was home made only minutes before we got I and it was warm and absolutely delicious! ❤

After dinner we went to a Lawson store to buy some desserts (and japanese whiskey for the boys, or maybe I should call them men?..) and then we went back to the lodge and saw a 90’s thriller film together in the common room called Basic Instincts I think. In other words a perfect evening and night. 🙂



Now bedtime!




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