Komaba Campus Orientation Day & Supermarket Shopping

Konbanwa こんばんわ !

Okay so before I start telling you about my day there is something I just have to mention right now. Half an hour ago I tasted the best red grapes I have ever had in my entire life! I mention this because I have never tased anything like it ever! It was soooo good! And that doesn’t cover it by far.. I was on my way home from the supermarket and I literally stopped in the middle of the street and nearly got bumped into by some Japanese people who threw me weird glances. I was so surprised and shocked over this divine explosion of flavor on my tongue. I don’t know how to describe it other than to say it was fantastic! And I also bought some japanese rice crackers with sesame and soy sauce flavour and they are definitely my new favourite snack together with the dried mango! Japan is my heaven! I know they have some nasty and wierd stuff too that they eat which I don’t even want to taste but, God, they do have the most amazing other things!


It might not look like anything special but everything is not always what it seem to be. Sometimes it is way better! Like now. 😀

So I just had to say that and now that I have I can go back to tell you about the rest of my day. Since I went to bed very, very late yesterday and had some trouble falling asleep I had some uneasy dreams and woke up exhausted. Luckily the orientation didn’t begin until after lunch so I had time to take it easy in the morning and to have a nice shower and freshen up a bit so that I at least looked better than I felt when I went to campus. It was very similar to the orientation on monday at Hongo campus with a lot of information and a lot of papers to read through. But all in all I thought it was good. I will take most of my courses here at this campus at Komaba and I will have no more than 5 minutes by walk to get there and it feels so luxurious!

The lecture room where the orientation was held just before it began

Today they also gave us a brochure about the different clubs that you can join and be part of as a student at the University. I have read a lot about these kind of clubs in my manga books over the years and I always thought that it would be so cool to be able to join a club like that and now, finally, I can! I am so excited! This is really going to be the year of my life! I am smiling so much as I write this. I am really here. In Japan. I  am really living the dream I’ve had for more than 15 years. And when you do that everything sort of falls into place and you know that everything will work out in the best possible way. I am so grateful. ❤

On our way home to the lodge from the orientation. On the bottom picture you can see the representative building/clock tower of Komaba Campus.

When we came home Nathalie and I cooked and ate together before I went to study and rest a bit before I went to the supermarket in Shimokitazawa. On my way there the sun was setting and it was a really beautiful evening. And it’s so hot! Even when the sun has set the temperature remains over 25 degrees. I haven’t needed a jacket or a sweater once since I came here. I love it!

On my way to Shimokitazawa at nightfall.

Like I have mentioned before the supermarkets are really fascinating and I can really walk around forever in them and just look at more or less everything. Especially the counters with prepared meals are my favourites. There are so much that looks so good (and lots of sushi!) and its fairly cheap. And much of is healthy as well. It’s not fast food like Findus that we have back home in Sweden. Its real food, prepared and cooked from scratch. And they have so much different tofu! It’s a paradise for the vegetarian if you are cooking by yourself. However I am not a vegetarian anymore since I am now eating some fish. But tofu will probably be the main ingredient in all my food.

Outside, in front of the Supermarket.

Look at the squid, all the sushi and tofu. And everything else!

Tomorrow there will be a Japanese language placement test on Komaba campus for all students to determine what level of Japanese we possess and to see what classes they will put us in. I’m not that nervous since it’s not a test they will grade us on but more excited cause I am really looking forward to begin taking some real japanese classes!

In other words, more studies now and then bedtime. I have to sleep earlier today… 🙂


Here’s a kiss for everyone that I love and miss back in Sweden and in other places of the world. ❤

Oyasumi おやすみ ! ♥



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