Earthquake morning

Good day or evening or morning, depending on where you are in the world.

As you can probably guess from the heading there was an earthquake this morning! Not a big one of course (mom, dad – don’t worry!) but I still felt the shake. At first it was only like a really heavy vibration so I thought it was caused by a monster train passing by outside but then the whole room stared to move. I was still in bed and it kind of felt like riding the train. I have experienced earthquakes in Japan before when I visited last year with my mother but this is the first one since I came here last week and the biggest so far (still a small one though!). It was actually kind of exciting. I can only say that because it wasn’t serious in any way but since I’m into earth science studies it is cool to see what a phenomenon that you usually only read about in your textbooks is like in real life. There are earthquakes in Sweden too but it is extremely uncommon to actually feel them. Tomorrow we will have an earthquake seminar in school for all the new international students. I think it’s very good that they arrange that for us and teach us what to do in an emergency situation. It will probably come in handy….
Before I left Sweden I also promised my mom to prepare an earthquake emergency bag in case a disaster struck. I will have it ready before next week begins. I have to buy a few things before it can actually be used for its purpose. In it I will have :

  • A pair of extra shoes and socks
  • A sweater
  • A blanket
  • A flashlight
  • A pocket knife
  • A power bank and cellphone charger
  • A few bottles of water
  • Snacks
  • Bandages
  • Some cash
  • A copy of my passport and residence card with my japanese address

Did I forget anything? If yes please add it in a comment.. 🙂
So if anything happens while I’m at home, in the middle of the night for example, I can just grab it and run to a safe place (they have special meeting points here for when big earthquakes struck).

So except for this small event nothing much happened today aside from the japanese language test we had in school. Some students already study japanese at their home universities and are at a more advanced level and will take courses on a higher level. I know most of the hiragana and katakana now but I will start from scratch. Really looking forward to begin my studies for real in one and a half week. We actually got our first homework today and that was to be able to master the two alphabets until the language classes begin on the 26th of September. Since I know most of it already I think I will manage.


Homework and tea

During our lunch break I, Nathalie, Vincent and Andrey went to eat lunch at restaurant here in Komaba very close to our lodge. I had some soba noodles with something that I have absolutely no idea what it is… But it was good! I love to eat here. I wish I was hungry more often.. 🙂


I really have no idea what’s in the green bowl except for the soya sauce. Very strange consistency, liked whipped raw egg but still a bit thicker and more sticky.

Imagine if I could be fluent in french as well after a year here (since my friends here are all from France). That would be awesome. However they only teach me slang so I doubt I will have any greater knowledge of proper french… 🙂

For dinner I just had a small minibento from the supermarket with some salmon and rice, together with soya sauce and wasabi. Almost like sushi.


Very delicious!

When I came back to the lodge today I found an interesting note on the board outside the office. Apparently there is a risk of snakes getting into our dormitories..


I really like snakes in general but I don’t know if I should be worried? I live on the ground floor after all and I always have my windows open when I’m home.. But maybe they are nice and just want company? In that case they are welcome!

Then in the evening I just spent my time washing some clothes and cleaning my room here at the lodge. Feels good to be done with it. I also got to shave Luke’s head with a trimmer and poor guy.. I screwed it.. I mean the top of his head and the sides are okay but the neck… Well, I’m not gonna say anything more about that… Thanks for letting me try though!…

Tomorrow there will be a welcome party in the evening here at Komaba and I am also invited to a Rooftop Party in Ikebukuro with GoGo Nihon. Jamie (my norwegian friend was kind and asked me to come along with him and some friends. really looking forward to it since there will be both westerners and Japanese people to interact with.

Now I will go through some paper handouts from the orientation days and then maybe just see a film or something. That would be nice tonight.

So good evening to you all! Hope you have a great day wherever you are!

Love from 東京 (Tokyo)

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