My Weekend, Part 2

Hello and good evening from Tokyo.

I’m going to give you an update on the rest of my weekend, like I promised yesterday, right away.


I was very lazy the first haf of the day and didn’t do much at all except lying in bed, practising my hiragana and katakana skills and looking through the course catalogue for this semester. In the late afternoon however I decided that I had to get out so I took a walk to Shibuya in the slightly rainy weather. My plan was to buy a thin mattress to put on top of the one I already had in bed since it is very hard and look for some kitchen gear which I was still lacking. I found my matress for a good price in huge Nitori store and also ended up buying a new and better pillow as well and a frying pan, a pot and a baking dish together with some other well needed kitchen-ware so now I’m all set I think.

Today there is some kind of national holiday in Japan and I think that there was some kind of small festival or at least preparation for it on saturday because both when I came into Shibuya and was about to leave I saw these well dressed up people (see the pictures below) walking around with this ”I don’t know what it’s called” on their shoulders while they where singing or maybe chanting something. It was really interesting to see.


The culture is so rich and fascinating! I am so happy that I get t be part of it!

The rest of the evening I spent at the dorm with my friends from the lodge, just hanging out and listening to music before we went a short turn to Shimokitazawa in the evening (night) to let some of them eat. I had a good time even if it got a little crazy and was raining on us the whole time. Except in the restaurant of course.. 🙂


The dining room at the second floor of our lodge


On Sunday I and Jamie had decided to meet up to go to Kagurazaka which is a quite old part of the city with a Geisha district and todays it’s also called the french quarter of Tokyo with lots of french cafés, bakeries and restaurants. We walked around for a few hours (in lots of rain!) and came upon a small food market, a few shrines, some beautiful alleys and interesting streets.

It never stops being boring to just walk around.

We even saw a japanese wedding in one of the shrines! I didn’t get any pictures of it but it looked pretty amazing! I wish I could have seen it up close.

Then we had a somewhat late but very cheap soup lunch for no more than 450 yen (about 33 swedish kr) before Jamie took me to the most amazing place ever! A bookstore called Book Off. It was heaven! There were two floors with almost only manga! Book Off is a second-hand store which makes the prices incredibly low but everything still holds quite high quality. I bought a manga for only 108 yen! 108 yen people! That is almost for free! Of course it was only in Japanese but my plan is to practise my Hiragana and Katakana by reading it and pronouncing all the sounds even if I don’t know all the words. Then when I can master the language well enough this bookstore (which can be found both here and there) will be my paradise, my favourite place to hang out! So thank you Jamie for bringing me there! It was amazing! I was and still am so happy about it!  I could probably have stayed in there forever… 🙂

I love how people are just standing there reading and it’s okay. Completely normal. Wonderful atmosphere!


The new manga from the creators of Death Note! ❤

After the book store experience I went home and took a nice and resting evening.
So all in all I had a very good weekend.

Now its time for bed, its late in Tokyo.



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