Enoshima Beach & Shrine


The days are going by so fast here! Today it’s already been two weeks since I arrived in Japan. I don’t get it, how is that possible? I’m so happy that I’m not here only on a short vacation but actually for a year. 🙂

For once I am actually writing in the middle of the day and not in the late night.
Today I am going to tell you about the most amazing trip that I, Paloma, Vincent and Andrey had to Enoshima the other day. This is an area located about 45 km southwest of Tokyo just by the sea. By train it took us just over an hour to get there. On monday the weather was perfect, sunny and very hot with over 30 degrees so that’s why we decided to go to the beach. When we got of the station in Enoshima we instantly felt the nice sea breeze and could smell the ocean. It was so nice and it felt s good to get out of the city for a while.


Me and Paloma


Vincent and Andrey


I love to take the train, especially when its going above ground.


Enoshima station is my favourite train stop so far. Very japanese.

To get to the beach from the station was no more than maximum 10 minutes walk. There were actually quite much people and a lot of surfers since the waves were pretty big. In the sky above the beach a whole bunch of stunningly beautiful hawks were flying and keeping a close eye on the people and eventual food to steal (on of the snatched a rice cracker straight from my had just the second before I was about to put in my mouth but it didn’t hurt me in the least, just took the cracker…).

I went to feel the water and it was actually really nice. I have no idea about the temperature but since many people were swimming it was warm enough. However the water was a little bit dirty. Not because it was full of trash, it was more turbid and full of floating bottom material. That didn’t stop us though, Vincent, Andrey and I went in any way and it was really refreshing and it felt great to get some saltwater on my body again.

We arrived in Enoshima pretty late in the afternoon and the sun started to set not long after we had been swimming. (Already by 6.30 pm it’s dark.)
There is an island connected to the mainland with a big bridge. Enoshima Shrine is located on the top of the mountain on that island. We decided to go there and watch the beautiful landscape and setting sun from there.

It. Was. Amazing.

I can’t believe I live here. ❤


Just look at it.. I can’t even explain what I was feeling when I saw this. But my life was complete. Everything was just right. I love this country. This is home ❤

On our way up the Shrine on the mountain on Enoshima island.



So to sum it up, this day was definitely one of the best so far. This country is amazing. There is so much beauty here that is beyond comparison and when I get to see it with my own eyes, be surrounded by the wonders of nature, then I get it. Then I understand what love truly is and what life really is about. I am so grateful and so happy. I feel so rich.

If or when you go to Japan, no matter how amazing the cities are, don’t forget to see the countryside, nature and all the magnificent landscape!

Now I will go practise my hiragana and katakana skills some more and then I will go to the supermarket with Paloma.

Have a nice day or night!

Love from Japan ❤


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