Hayama Beach & Ominesan Mountain

Good evening.

Today was another amazing day as Paloma, Andrey and I went out on another adventure out of Tokyo together. We met up already at 7.30 in the morning outside our rooms in the dorm and went out to get our bikes and went to Shibuya. We actually managed to find a parking spot near the station where they only charged 100 yen for 12 hours.

Since we knew the weather would be great today, Paloma and I sat down yesterday evening to do some research about a day trip somewhere to a nice place near the sea, preferably with a beach. Google can really be your best friends sometimes and informed us about this place called Hayama between 50-60 km south of Tokyo, past Yokohama. The beach there should be one of the best near the Tokyo area and there was also a mountain just next to it so we decided that we should climb in the morning before we went to the beach. I can only say this: Great planning results in great trips!

Shortly after 8.15 we left Shibuya on a train bound for Yokohama where we switched to another line and went to Zushi station where we went off. Zushi is a small coastal city very close to Hayama so from there we took the local bus after buying some food at the nearest convenience store to bring with us.

After getting off at our bus stop we walked around in confusion for a while, while we were looking for a way up the mountain. In the end, we had to ask but after some help we managed to quickly find a small trail leading up, up, up and up… It was about 11 o’clock and it was already nearly 30 degrees. I function as best in heat like that when I’m active so it was fine with me but climbing a mountain is never easy and with already aching muscles from previous work outs it’s really tough. But it was so fun and the trees and views were absolutely amazing! It was definitely worth all the panting and sweating.

After maybe an hour we came down again on the other side of the mountain so it wasn’t a very long track. But it was enough because the trees were full of big and scary spiders and they warned for snakes on the track as well, we didn’t see any though. We had taken sight of a specific beach from the top so we went straight there after getting back on the ground again and oh dear… It was perfect! The water was clear, the sand was nice and soft, the sun was shining and there were not too much people. There was even a really nice and grassy spot on a cliff with water on both sides where we left our things and spread our towels.

When we went into the water we were even more happily surprised at how nice the temperature was. It was really warm and I love the feeling of saltwater and sunshine on my body so I felt so good. I went swimming three times, once with Paloma, once by myself and once with both Paloma and Andrey and we stayed in the water a long time every time.

In between our swims we had lunch, slept a little bit, listened to music and just enjoyed each other’s company. Around 4 o’clock we decided to pack our things and head back to Zushi by walk instead of taking the bus. The GPS told us it was about 5 km and would take us approximately an hour if we walked on the roads next to the sea. It took us almost twice that time since we walked quite slowly and because Paloma and I stopped every 5 minutes to take pictures of the surroundings and the sunset. And we went the wrong way for a short time. But we had some fun and interesting conversations on our way there so if didn’t feel like that long at all.

Just before we reach the station we went into a local supermarket and when we finally got on the train again it was completely dark outside. We were back in Shibuya again by 8 in the evening and hurried to get our bikes and then went straight home. We rested a bit, met some of our other dorm friends and had dinner (some had, it is too late for me to eat at 9.30 pm) and tea together and then we saw a film in our living room together. I love how familiar it is. We will really be a family here during this year. I am so grateful.

In other words: Fantastic day! Thanks to y friends who shared it with me ❤

Good evening and night to you all.
I wish you the same joy of life as I am now experiencing every day!


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