Ueno Park

Hello  from a very rainy Tokyo…

I have come to the conclusion that when it’s raining here it is not just some light and shy drops that hits the ground. No, the whole sky usually just opens and pours all of its contents on us poor earthly beings. And not just for a few minutes but for at least a couple of hours and sometimes even the entire day, without any break whatsoever. Today it began in the afternoon and it has been going in since then. It would take me two seconds to become soaking wet if I went outside right now.. But im not complaining. It is still warm after all and the air becomes really nice and fresh and my room cools down to a nice temperature. And best of all, I love to fall asleep listening to the rain in the evening so since its dark outside now anyway I hope it continues through the night and stops in the early morning. I went two times to the university campus on Komaba today (picked up my new bank book for my japanese bank account) but other than that I have spent this day more or less in my room trying to figure out what courses I’m going to take this semester and going through some procedures which will grant me access to the University’s computer system. There is not much more to say about this day so instead I’ll tell you a little bit about when I went to Ueno Park on Tuesday.

Paloma and I went to Komaba Todaimae (our local station) shortly after  1 pm and met up another girl, also named Hannah, from Australia. Our initial plan was to go to Tokyo National Museum which is located inside the park (Ueno is one of the biggest parks in Tokyo) but it turned out be closed unfortunately. So we decided to just walk around in the park instead and that was just as nice as anything else. We came across this really cool street performer guy in an open square. I didn’t understand  much of all his talking but he was very interesting to listen to anyway and very funny to watch. 😀

I could probably have been standing there all day I think.. 🙂

Eventually we kept going anyway and came upon a big fountain, some shrines, Uneo Zoo, and the two lakes in the middle of the park. It took us a few hour to walk around in our slow pace but it was very nice and relaxing. Sometimes that’s all you need. A good walk and pleasant company.

Apparently you don’t need to go to New York anymore to see the Statue Of Liberty. At least not the upper half.. 🙂

Toshogu Shrine was a beautiful place in the middle of the park. I really love that you can find them (shrines) almost anywhere, small ones and big ones, old and new. It’s amazing and they always have this certain purifying atmosphere that I enjoy. 


Here you have Hannah and Paloma in front of one of the park lakes. 🙂
It would be cool to actually rent one of those boats one day and just chill on the water for a while, watching the people as they are passing by. Maybe I will try it!

Just some random pictures from Ueno

Thank you girls for an awesome day. I hope we can do it again soon! Spending time with you was great!

Now I will go back to do some more studying, clean my dishes from dinner and maybe do some laundry (probably not).

Have a nice day wherever you are! 🙂

Best wishes from Tokyo


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