Back To School


How are you doing people?
It’s been a few days.

The past weekend was actually quite calm. I didn’t go out on any bigger adventures, but stayed in Tokyo and slept long in the morning instead, washed all my clothes, cleaned and all those necessary things you have to do every now and then.

However on saturday night we decided (very spontaneously) to attend an international party in Shibuya. Someone had found the event on Facebook. Seemed a bit suspicious but we were all curious so Paloma, Vincent, Andrey, Luke, Henry and I jumped on our bikes and went to Shibuya. All of my friends here eat soooo late in the evening so of course we went to a restaurant first.


Happy boys waiting for Pizza. From the left we have Andrey, Henry, Luke and Vincent. 🙂

I asked Vincent to take a picture of me and Paloma and this is the result… He is clearly not to be trusted with a camera. Last time he took a selfie instead and now this.. I think I have to find another photographer, haha! ^^’

We had a good time anyway but when we were finished we were rather late since the event only should last between 8-11.15 pm. We decided to go anyway and just check it out. But Andrey and I got left behind by a red light on a gigantic street somewhere in Shibuya so we got kind of lost and it took us some time find the others and when we did they had already checked it out and said it was quite bad so in the end Paloma, Andrey and I went to buy wine and chocolate and went home to see a film instead while the other boys went to a fight club. So all in all it was a good night anyway. 🙂


Clear message in Mega Don Quijote in Shibuya…

On sunday I did some studies and in the evening Paloma, Vincent, Andrey and I went to explore Meguro city (a district in Tokyo) which is only a few minutes away by bike. It is a very nice and modern area with a lot of architecture and nice cafés and shops every where. Paloma and I found a place where they make organic and freshly pressed juices and decided to make a one day detox some day ahead. We also decided to visit a korean restaurant in the area on friday night after classes. Looking forward to that! 🙂


Japanese homework

A rather long walk along the river (which is so clean!) in Meguro.

And now it has all began for real! I’ve had my first classes at the University which was so exciting! Yesterday I only had one class so it was a nice and easy start. Even so I fell asleep when I came back home and was supposed to study.. But I think I really needed it so it’s okay. Then I went to the supermarket in Shimokitazawa and refilled my fridge since I’m planning on eating mostly home-made food this week. When I came back I was in a hurry to cook since I was going to a Karate class held here at the lodge (it’s so convenient!) with Paloma. Since it needed to be quick I made a really good omelette à la Lithuanian style (thanks for the recipe Audrius!). It actually turned out delicious!

I’m definitely going to do this more often! The tofu and all the fresh veggies made it so tasty and the perfect light meal before training.

The Karate session was actually very fun! I had my doubts when I entered the room but it’s stupid to judge before you try so I’m happy I gave it a chance. Of course it is not the same as Kung-fu which I used to do some years back and I really miss it a lot but it was still fun and nice to some martial arts again. And since I wasn’t too bad at it I will probably go next time as well! Unfortunately I have no pictures but just imagine lots of people in white karate outfits with belts in different colours and three very serious black belt japanese senseis… 🙂

Today I began my first class at 8.25 am and ended my last one at 8.15 pm if I count the evening course I take in Japanese here at the lodge. One of my classes was however cancelled which gave me some extra time in the afternoon but it has still been a really long day and I am very tired but happy right now. I love my japanese classes! It’s going to be so much fun learning this amazing language. And the other courses I have tried so far seems interesting to so I am really going to enjoy this semester even if it’s going to be a lot of work. 🙂


The entrance to Komaba Campus early this morning.

Now that the new semester and classes have really began for everyone it is so much people everywhere. So many students. I am so excited!!


I am definitely going to eat mostly home-made food this week as I mentioned earlier but I just had to try out the cafeteria at campus today and it was amazing! And cheap! So if I don’t feel like cooking one week it will still be economically okay to buy food in school which is great! 😀

Now I will be a good student for a few more hours and then go to bed early tonight! (I am aware I say that every day…)

Snapchat-160592158Have a nice evening (or day) wherever you are.

See you soon!


こんばんは !



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