Adventures in Tokyo

こんばんは !

I have been in Japan for more than a moth now and I really can’t believe how fast time flies. I doesn’t feel like that long at all. I am still so excited and fascinated by everything. Sometimes I still wake up in the mornings, unsure if I am really here or if it was just my imagination and every time I realise that I actually am I get this really satisfied feeling in my mind.

I am slowly getting back into my school routines again and it feels good. However there is so much that I want to do all the time that it occasionally is hard to focus on the studies. I want to explore and be with my friends and not sit still more than I really have to. It’s hard to find a good balance between pleasure and ”work” but I am getting there. And I actually like studying most of the time. I really enjoy to finally learn this really cool japanese language but it requires a lot of hard work and I often feel very lost and confused during the lectures but when I give myself some time to really grasp it and let it all sink in I get better. 🙂

So what have I been doing during these past two weeks?

I have been to a french cooking class with Paloma at the French institute here in Tokyo which was really fun. It was only a one our class so we didn’t have time to make any warm food but what we did make was a very delicious aioli and a some french mix of cheese and sardines and french herds. Can’t remember the name..

We had a great evening together and have become really good friends.
The aioli was so good that we ate it all very quickly and then felt a bit sick because of  all the garlic and olive oil and not much regular food. But we were happy anyway. 🙂

I have also had time to visit a few restaurants with my friends. The other day I had a salmon teriyaki at a place here in Komaba only ten minutes walk from the lodge and it was so good! Yummie! And on friday we went to an other place in Shimokitazawa called Shirube. We were 8 people sharing different dishes and it was also amazing! I love the food here. It feels so healthy and it tastes so good. 😀 I am also making new japanese friends all the time which is so great! Sharing cultures and hanging out with locals is the perfect way of getting to know this city.

The restaurant in Komaba, very close to the campus.
I love eating out. ❤


Shirube restaurant.
Thank you Vincent for finding this place!

On this previous saturday many of us UStep students participated in this day trip to Asakusa and Ueno here in Tokyo arranged by the university for us international students with local students as guides. It was great! We started the day with a cruise on the river that took us to Asakusa where we split up in smaller groups and walked around the are and had lunch together. We walked to Tokyo Skytree which is the tallest tower and the second tallest structure in the world with its 634 meters. It was so misty in the morning so we couldn’t even see the top of the tower but it was still really cool to be there next to it and to stand right under it. After lunch we went to the Sensoji Temple. It was very touristic and a lot of people but I still liked it a lot.
Then we ended our day in Uneo Park were we finally met up with the other groups and went to a museum. It was a good day! Thanks everyone who made it great! 🙂


On our way to the meeting point and river cruising.


Tokyo Skytree


Great group of people I must say!
And I had dessert for lunch. A vegan chocolate cake made of tofu ice cream made of soy milk. All organic. Very delicious!

Sensoji temple and market place.
And yes they had great Mochies (do not know the spelling of that..)! Japanese sweets are sometimes very strange and other times just perfect.. 🙂


Masaya-san teching us the purification ritual before entering the temple.

The ice creams and burger im holding are plastic food. They have shops only for that kind of stuff here. So weird and so interesting and funny.. 🙂

On monday it was a national holiday here in Japan so we had no school and Paloma and I went to a latino bar/club called El Cafe Latino in Roppongi where they held a very basic salsa lesson in the beginning of the evening (which was the main reason we went there). It turned out the so fun! After the class we had one amazing drink each before we started to dance and we kept going the whole night. We only stopped for the dance shows that were held on lower floor. It was amazing. When we finally went home way too late our feet and knees hurt. But we had a great time together! 😀


I want to learn!


That’s it for now.
On friday I have my first japanese test so this week I am mostly studying. Now it is time to sleep.





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